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February 8, 2009
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Ok, I know this isn’t really Fail Blog, but it sure feels like it. Sorry!

Since it’s been a good six months of no posting, I will tell you about my life since my last post in pictures. One picture per month? Sounds good to me!








…I got nothing. Initiation & Thanksgiving were memorable though!





February (so far!)


Thanks go out to all my friends who use Facebook. If you want me to take a picture down, let me know. 🙂

It’s been a busy half year, that’s for sure. And while I may not have loved every minute of it, it’s been enjoyable. My crafting’s been going down the wayside, a bit, thanks to school and my volunteer work, but I’ve still been doing it here and there. I’ve been teaching myself how to crochet, and have taken up knitting again. Both are great for relaxing!

I’ve also come down with some sort of ickiness. I’m hoping it’s not strep, but I’ll find out for sure this week, once I make a doctors appointment. In the meantime, relaxing and not doing too much seems like a good game plan.

Lastly, I’m going to California for spring break! I’ll be visiting the best friend while I’m out there. I can’t wait!



July 28, 2008
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Oh gosh, it’s been so long! I apologize!

I’ve been all over the state these past couple of weeks, I swear. As I mentioned in my previous post 12 days ago, I was heading up to both Grand & Big Rapids to visit friends. We had a blast enjoying downtown GR, veggie dogs, thrift & coffee shops, and a blues fest. In Big Rapids, we sweltered inside the dorms, due to the heat, but swimming in a lake near Newego, and visiting a small creek near the school made up for it. 🙂

Feels like summer, doesn’t it?

On the swings.

Back in BR. Creek behind the Dairy Queen.

After I got back from Big Rapids, I home for a few days, then headed Downriver to visit my grandmother! I’ve been there since this past Wednesday, and last night, we drove a couple counties over to see my aunt  for a few days. I’m sitting in a Biggby’s at the moment, soaking up their Wi Fi and Italian sodas, after biking around the city a bit. After this, I head home for a night Wednesday, then it’s off to north of Muskegon for a long weekend! Finally, I’ll be going back Downriver for the rest of August, till I move back to school, since I was offered a fantastic temp job opportunity. Exciting, but busy! I love traveling, but I never thought I’d be seeing this much of the state this summer. 🙂

All this moving around means very little work is getting done on that denim quilt of mine, but I still have hopes of finishing it by the time school starts. Hopes! Since I’ll be at my grandmother’s, I’ll be using her very nice sewing machine, rather than my mother’s. Looking forward to that.

Speaking of my grandmother, she just called to find out when, if ever, I’ll be heading back to the house. I’ll miss the internet, but now I know where it’s at!