July 28, 2008
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Oh gosh, it’s been so long! I apologize!

I’ve been all over the state these past couple of weeks, I swear. As I mentioned in my previous post 12 days ago, I was heading up to both Grand & Big Rapids to visit friends. We had a blast enjoying downtown GR, veggie dogs, thrift & coffee shops, and a blues fest. In Big Rapids, we sweltered inside the dorms, due to the heat, but swimming in a lake near Newego, and visiting a small creek near the school made up for it. πŸ™‚

Feels like summer, doesn’t it?

On the swings.

Back in BR. Creek behind the Dairy Queen.

After I got back from Big Rapids, I home for a few days, then headed Downriver to visit my grandmother! I’ve been there since this past Wednesday, and last night, we drove a couple counties over to see my auntΒ  for a few days. I’m sitting in a Biggby’s at the moment, soaking up their Wi Fi and Italian sodas, after biking around the city a bit. After this, I head home for a night Wednesday, then it’s off to north of Muskegon for a long weekend! Finally, I’ll be going back Downriver for the rest of August, till I move back to school, since I was offered a fantastic temp job opportunity. Exciting, but busy! I love traveling, but I never thought I’d be seeing this much of the state this summer. πŸ™‚

All this moving around means very little work is getting done on that denim quilt of mine, but I still have hopes of finishing it by the time school starts. Hopes! Since I’ll be at my grandmother’s, I’ll be using her very nice sewing machine, rather than my mother’s. Looking forward to that.

Speaking of my grandmother, she just called to find out when, if ever, I’ll be heading back to the house. I’ll miss the internet, but now I know where it’s at!


How to reuse my grandfather’s old jeans.

July 15, 2008
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I have a quilt in the making right now, but I’ve been procrastinating on it for the past month or so. I like making things, but I find that it’s hard to get from the “cut, cut, cut” stage to the “sew, sew, sew” stage. I may have gotten over my fear of cutting up fabric, but there’s still the fear of making horrible mistakes while I sew things together. But never fear, I’m getting over that too! I’ve now gone from cutting larger pieces of fabric into smaller pieces of fabric, to sewing small pieces into a larger piece. Quite an odd thing to do, when one looks at it…

However, there’s joy to be found in both destruction (or de-construction, in this case) and creation. And quilting certainly combines the two together. πŸ™‚

The quilt I’m working on is an experience in reusing, repurposing, and recycling. It’s a “circle jeans quilt”, made from jeans that i’ve gathered from some family and friends, and my own closet. I’m also using non-jean materials, such as old shirts, scarves, bandanas, and more. Most of my fabric came from raiding my grandmother’s stash, a rummage sale, and through the kindness of a friend of mine. I will admit to buying a few pieces here & there though; the remnants bin at JoAnn’s is a hard monster to fight.

An idea of some of the materials I used. If you look at the bottom left corner, you’ll see pockets – there are 11 pairs sitting there, waiting for a use! I ripped them off all the jeans I cut up, to increase the fabric I could use, and showcase color differences.

Thankfully, this quilt is a “quilt as you go” design, which in this case, means no batting, and some unconventional layering to achieve quilt status. I found the design and tutorial at the Blue Jeans Quilt Gallery, and fell in love. So far, I’ve only got eight blocks sewn together, out of the 30 I’ll eventually need, but this is quilting: I don’t expect instantaneous results…even if I want them!

To create this quilt, I cut out circles from all the jeans I gathered. For the twin-ish sized quilt I’m aiming for, I needed 270 circles. That ended up being 11 pairs of jeans, plus some extra pant legs, left over from another project of Grandma’s. I was shocked! I thought I would need at least 20 or so pairs of pants. But since I mostly used older men’s jeans, I was able to get a large amount of usable fabric; up to 20 circles per pair, if I was lucky. The girl jeans I used didn’t give me as much material, but I was still able to harvest a lot more than I anticipated. I also had to cut out an additional 270 smaller squares from the non-denim fabrics, which will be layered inside the circles when I quilt everything together. I know that sounds confusing, but it works. πŸ™‚

I’ve only sewn together eight blocks of circles at this point – the squares won’t be added until I actually do the quilting. Each block consists of a basic nine patch pattern, and is about 15 inches square, when completely finished. Because of the variety of denim used, there’s a ton of variation in the colors and look of the blocks.

Two views of the blocks. The one at the bottom of the photo is actually going to be the back of finished quilt. The other view, with the rounded flaps, is the top/front. Crazy!

Here’s a close up of the “top” to be. The smaller squares will be inserted under the flaps, then the flaps will be sewn down with a tight zigzag stitch, holding everything together. I’m excited for the finished result; I’m thinking it’ll look slightly kitschy and/or retro. I’d almost say it may have a vague Urban Outfitters feel to it, but I don’t think it will. Too round. πŸ˜‰

This is just a fun little note that I’d like to show off. A couple of circles were purposefully cut so that they’d have holes (worn in or cut out) in them. I patched them up with differing fabrics to highlight them. and the other side will have another pattern as well. This really shows the point I want to make with this quilt – it’s created from used, loved, and worn items, and will continue to be used, loved, and worn once it’s completed.

I’m no where close to being done with this project, though my goal is to have it ready to use on my dorm bed once school starts up again. But the process, and the thinking it inspires, is fun. As will be the finished product, I hope!