Journals and Gatherings | July 1, 2008

This upcoming weekend, I’m making a trip to Toledo, OH for a combination 4th of July/birthday gathering. Three of us from my service/volunteer group at school had birthdays at the end of June, and we decided that meeting up for a mid summer get together would be a fun thing to do. After spending eight months together on campus, going four months apart and spread out isn’t all that fun.

I’m excited because I haven’t seen my friends since I moved home for the summer, and because it means I get to give gifts! Handmade sketchbook/journals, to be exact. πŸ˜€

I wanted to come up with something for my friend’s birthday, since I only sent him a card for the occasion. He’s an art major, so I figured a small sketchbook would be fun – and I wanted to make it. I started off with the idea to make a small one out of recycled paper bound together with a coptic stitch (tutorial from curiously crafty); something I’ve seen beautifully executed with plenty of books on Craftster and Etsy. Because I wanted a more masculine feel, I sewed some denim from a pair of jeans that used to belong to my grandfather onto the cover.

However, once I started putting the book together, it started to feel a little…special. I used hot glue to hold the paper onto the cover, and my inside pages had to be replaced due to an operator error in the creation process. While it was a good first attempt, I really didn’t want to give this one away.

Papers are from old homework assignments!

You can see all the recycled papers – some were from high school and others were from freshman year of college. I even have notes from Hamlet and A Doll House in there.

The binding. You can see the individual signatures in there, and well as the glue, ribbon, and cardboard, lol.

So I decided to make another one.

I used a different binding and covering technique for this sketchbook: one I found on Instructables, from someone making an envelope book. This book was much easier to make, and looked so much better as well. Almost like something you’d buy in a store! It’s not perfect, but I’m okay with that.

I really like the scrapbook paper I used for the cover and binding/hinge. Not the blue/brown theme I wanted originally, but still cool looking.

I bought that stamp from Vozamer on Etsy, along with some letter supplies for a birthday gift. So cute, and it’s an octopus!

The binding. I cut the paper into half sheet pieces, rather than folding like I did for the first one. I like this way much better.

Though I’ve only made two little books so far, I’m excited to make more – in fact, I have a few planned, and I can’t wait to try out some different binding techniques. I’m hoping to branch out beyond computer paper as well. πŸ˜‰


An update or two:

I mentioned that I put my Wii up for sale before. I got some bites! I’ve sold a couple games on Half.com, and a friend from school contacted me via Facebook about the console itself. I’m happy, and getting closer to being able to buy a sewing machine. What’s funny to me, is that that I originally bought the Wii and games through Facebook Marketplace, from someone at school. I love how that worked out.

Also, sitedad, from EMUtalk, was nice and linked to me on the site. Thanks, sitedad! Hopefully there’ll be more school/EMU/emu talk once orientation and classes roll around. πŸ™‚


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