Special Storage | June 30, 2008

I did some cleaning and digging around around today, and found the letters I received last summer. I’ve been on a letter/stationary binge this past week, so it was nice to bring those out again. I really enjoy being able to read them, and look back on things – I’m a sentimental person, though I try to pretend otherwise. 😉

Looking at them, however, reminded me that I’m in dire need for proper (or at least better!) storage for my letters and papers. Currently, I have my supplies in a desk drawer, and my letters sitting near my laptop. Most of them were in a shoebox a few hours ago, but i don’t think that was a much better situation, lol.

I’ve harbored various thoughts of what do for storage. I could find another shoebox, and store everything in there, but the Converse box with all my shoelaces seems to be buried somewhere. My mother suggested that I find or buy a photo box, but…much like with the envelopes of the previous entry, the thought of making or reusing something seems much more enticing.

So in that vein, I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a decent box for my letters and supplies, or where I could find one. The finding won’t be hard, but I’d like to inject a bit of adventure into idea. 😉 I like the thought of having a special place for all letters and memories.

Suggestions or ideas would be appreciated!


In other news, I listed my Nintendo Wii on Half.com, in order to help fund a sewing machine for myself. Turns out, there’s a place in Ann Arbor that sells used sewing machines, and I’ve been itching after one for almost seven months now! Mom has a half decent Kenmore, but it hasn’t been serviced since she got it from her mother, and I’m not allowed to “borrow” it and take it back to school with me come fall.

It would be nice to get a machine for myself, so I can learn how to sew and quilt better – what an accomplishment that would be for me! I’m excited. I may be selling my Wii, but really, a sewing machine is a much better investment in my life.


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